Care and Hygiene of Guinea Pigs

Cute and very clean, guinea pigs can be great pets as long as the owner takes care of them. It can be raised in an outdoor nursery with shade and a small house to shelter from the cold and rain, if it is screened on both the sides and the top.

The most common is to see these pets being raised in a cage indoors with their family. For this, it is important that the bottom of the cage has a bed so that it is comfortable and can rearrange its nest to sleep, besides that this bed can be used to absorb the urine, avoiding that it is in a humid place.

The same as all animals, the guinea pig needs as much as necessary nutrition to keep well. For that reason, their feeding should be based on roots, grass, seeds and ration for rodents, easily bought in specific stores such as and served in suitable feeders, in addition to drinkers with fresh water always available. Short-eared pigs need sporadic brushing to help remove loose strands and keep their coat clean, as well as bathe in powder or water only if it has been soiled out of the blue. Long-haired dogs need brushing on a daily basis to remove tangled or loose hairs with the aid of a soft brush to not irritate sensitive pet skin.

Long-haired guinea pigs need extra care as a consequence of their fur, so sometimes it will be necessary to take a warm water bath with extreme caution in the pet. For this, it is recommended to use a shallow container to only wet it from the neck down, making sure that there is no water in your ears. Then the owner should lather them with a bit of shampoo suitable for rodents and rabbits or a shampoo for cats, with the intention that you then rinse them thoroughly until you remove all the soap. At the end, the animal needs to be dried with a towel and a drier to prevent hairs becoming too moist and the skin susceptible to dermatitis.

These pets should be showered from time to time, for that reason if there is any change in behavior, skin problems or any other difference noted by the owner, the pet should be referred to the veterinarian specializing in wild pets for examination and treatment if necessary your health and well-being.

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