Advantages of Dog Ownership

Owning a dog has a lot more advantages than just a happy face greeting you at the door every evening.  While it’s wonderful to be welcomed home with such enthusiasm (especially if you have teenagers), the advantages of having a dog go well beyond the cheerful evening greeting.

Multiple studies have shown how the companionship of a dog serves to lower blood pressure.  Total body wellness has three components.  Exercise, food choices and rich relationships all contribute to our overall health.  Dogs can be an incredible help in developing walking habits. What’s good for your dog is also healthy for you.  Because dogs provide a calming and soothing presence, and ask for so little in return, it tends to lighten emotions. This sets the stage for developing strong relationships.

Make a plan for total body wellness and include your dog.  While your canine companion won’t be able to join you as you as you surf, they will certainly be there for daily walks. Depending on the age and size of your dog, set a goal to walk at least thirty minutes each day. An alternative is to walk twice a day for fifteen minutes. In short order both you and your canine buddy will begin to feel a difference in stamina and energy levels. You’ll awaken dormant muscles and begin to look forward to your daily walks. The initial objective is to just develop a habit of walking every day.

If there are younger children or teens in the household, a dog can provide wonderful companionship. Owning dogs teaches youth about compassion, gentleness and responsibility.  Dogs also provide a calming effect and release for troubled teens. Have your child take increased responsibility for the well-being of the family dog. Walking, feeding, bathing, brushing and pet visits are all responsibilities that the children can participate in. Best of luck to you on years of enjoyable pet ownership!