Caring and Feeding Your Pet Rodents

Rodents make great pets. They are inexpensive and easy to manage. They also don’t take up a lot of space and these are just some of the aspects that make rodents great pets. Some of the rodents that people acquire as pets include rats, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters. Guinea pigs and rats are largest rodents on the list with hamsters and mice being small. Despite their size, these tiny creatures require proper care and attention. Failure to provide them with the best care and attention could see them get sick or injured. As a pet owner, this is probably the last thing that you want since it deprives you the chance to play and bond with your adorable pet. To prevent this from happening, here is what pet owners need to do to ensure that their rodents are well-taken care off.

  1.      Proper housing.

Pet owners should ensure that their pet rodents are housed properly. Rodents should be housed in a cage that will ensure that they are safe and secure. The cage should be large enough to provide them with enough space for playing and moving around. Get a bigger cage if you have a large rodent such as a guinea pig or if you have several small ones. Rodents are proven escape artists and as such, you should make sure that the cage is well secured using a study larch. To keep the rodents entertained and the help them exercise, you should stock your rodent’s cage with several toys and an exercise wheel.

  1.      Proper feeding.

Your rats well being depends mostly on what you feed them. It is through what they eat they are able to gain the nutrients needed for healthy growth and development. Rodents should be fed on pellets that have been specifically formulated for them. You should also supplement these with fresh produce that are full of amazing nutrients. Pets also need water and pet owners should ensure that they have enough of it every day. Change the water every other day to keep it fresh and free of germs.

  1.      Proper cleaning.

You should clean your rodent’s cage and everything else in there or a regular basis. Rodents excrete strong-smelling urine and this makes cleaning their cages very important so as to ensure that their living quarters and the surrounding are habitable. You should, therefore, replace the bedding in their cages at least twice a week and apply clean and fresh beddings for your rodents. You should also replace their food and water dishes with every refill.

  1.      Chewing materials.

Rodents enjoy chewing and as such, pet owners should provide them with materials to chew on. The materials you get them for chewing should be safe so as not to compromise their health and well-being. Chewing keeps the rodents engaged and this distracts them from engaging in mischief.


Rodents such as rats and hamsters make great pets for both the young and the old. Before getting one or several of them as pets, pet owners should ensure that they are able to provide them with the best care and attention.

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