Essential Grooming Tips for New Horse Owners

A horse’s grooming needs are not something to be taken lightly. Not only do horses require far more grooming than most other animals, their grooming is also directly linked to their overall health. As such, horses whose owners treat grooming as an afterthought tend to get a sick and injured more often than those whose grooming is properly tended to. In the interest of keeping their animals looking their best and feeling great, first-time horse owners would do well to educate themselves on the basics of grooming.

Regular Brushings are Essential

Brushings administered to your horse should be thorough and frequent. Regularly brushing your horse’s mane and tail will help prevent itchiness and fungal, both of which are bound to occur if brushing is ignored. This will also prevent tangles and knots from forming in the animal’s fur. Additionally, if knotting is a prevalent problem for your horse, consider using a good conditioner that’s specially formulated for horses. When combined with meticulous grooming, comprehensive horse insurance can go a long way in keeping your animal safe and healthy for the foreseeable future.

Horses Should Be Curried on a Daily Basis

Currying your horse is every bit as important as brushing it. Currying helps remove dirt, old hair, dead skin and assorted grime from your horse’s coat by loosening it up and expelling it from the fur. As an added bonus, currying helps evenly distribute your horse’s natural oils throughout its coat, effectively preventing matting and excessive greasiness. It’s recommended that currying be followed up with brushing and cowling. While it may tempting to occasionally skip this task, it’s important to remember how dangerous matting can be for horses and how difficult it can be to remedy.

Enlist the Aid of Professionals

If you’re inexperienced in the ways of horse grooming, you’ll need to enlist the services of professional groomers and farriers for certain tasks – most notably, bathing and hoof maintenance. Making mistakes while performing these grooming rituals can get you seriously injured, so don’t be afraid of handing them off to seasoned pros. Regular baths can ensure a shiny coat and prevent excessive oil buildup, while keeping your horse’s hoofs trimmed will prevent discomfort and severe fungal infections.

No horse owner can afford to put grooming on the backburner. Since good grooming is essential to a horse’s general health, it’s imperative that you be meticulous in providing it. When working for ways to preserve your horse’s appearance and good health, remember to heed the previously discussed pointers.