How to Choose a Cat

How to Choose a Cat

Congratulations! You have decided to get a cat. But what type is right for you? Are cats purebreed? The one with long hair, or short? Male or female? You might be hesitant, whether you have to have two cats or more, it might be more fun, or so that your cat has many friends.

Here are some tips on how to choose a kitten so you won’t choose the wrong one:

Purebreed or mixbreed cats

One thing is certain – you have many choices. There are about 40 – 80 types of cat breeds from 500 species. And they are all different – from the famous Siamese cat, a mixture of Burmese and Persian, the tailless manx or the hairless sphinx, each with a different personality and behavior. For example, Siamese cats are known as extroverted cats, while long-haired Persian cats are usually more relaxed. There are many ways you can find out more about the different cat breeds. Check Tiny Kittens to find out which type best suits your lifestyle. You can find information from the website or buy the book, I suggest you visit the website

Long or short fur?

Cats with long fur will look more beautiful. But remember – they will need treatment every day so that the feathers are not wrinkled and always look good. Providing routine care is the best way to build your relationship with him – he loves attention! If, you don’t have much time to pay attention to it every day, cats with short fur can be your choice.

Male or female?

Male cats are usually larger than females. If not neutered your male cat will often roam and fight with other cats. Male cats will mark their area of ‚Äč‚Äčauthority with urine or leave their feces without being buried. This is normal behavior for them, but not for you!

If you have a female cat that hasn’t been neutered, she will consistently go through the mating season. When he is passionate, it makes him a little more rowdy – and the male cat will be very interested in this behavior. This allows the female to become pregnant.

If you don’t want to hear the sound from his claws, he is more neutered. Castration has a very simple process and you will no longer see the behavior that is bothering you.

One or more?

This question will be very difficult for you – and actually it all depends on the cat itself. Some cats like to live in groups with other cats, while others like to be alone – or just being with you! If you already have an adult cat, you will find it easier to find out what he likes. If you leave the house often, you might want to get two or more cats – so they can accompany each other. Consider getting a cat from the same place – the relationship they developed since childhood will help him get along as an adult cat. The large size of your house can also be taken into consideration. Like humans, cats don’t like to be in places that are too crowded – they like to have their own place. You should at least have one room for each of your cats. That way, each of your cats will have their own land. You also need a bowl of food and water, a different bed and toilet for each cat, this is to be able to fulfill his freedom-loving instincts.

where to get your cat After you decide to get a cat, ask your friend or neighbor. Someone you know sells cats or kittens, or someone who knows the information. Alternatively, you can try to search in magazines or search through online media. You can also visit animal shelters in your area – usually they have cats and kittens who need a more decent home.

It’s best to avoid sellers who often buy kittens from different places. The kitten might have been separated from her mother when she was born, or had traveled a long distance, and they had a far greater risk of illness and stress. to consider your choice, you can ask the veterinarian first, to be able to ascertain the history and health of the cat

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