How to effectively avoid attacks from aggressive dogs

How to effectively avoid attacks from aggressive dogs

You are walking to the park to meet up with a friend when suddenly out of nowhere, a menacingly large dog begins snarling and barking at you, ready to jump on you or take a bite. What are you going to do?

Situations like this can happen to anyone, but in order to understand how this happens, it is important to know why dogs would attack people and if there are ways to avoid such incidents from happening, which can be dangerous or even deadly.

Why dogs bite

Whether you are in a Virginia Beach animal hospital or veterinary clinic, chances will be able to find answers to your question why do dogs bite and what you can do to avoid it. 

There are several reasons why dogs become aggressive and cause them to bite.

  • The dog feels threatened or scared.
  • Biting is a natural defense mechanism, especially when reacting to a stressful situation.
  • It is their primary means of protection for themselves, their offspring, or their owners.
  • It is a reaction for dogs that are startled or when they are not feeling well or sick.

Any Virginia veterinary clinic would strongly advise to always remember these triggers, as these can be very helpful in avoiding potential bite incidents when you get to face one.

How to avoid getting attacked by an aggressive dog

Just like humans, there are pet dogs that can become aggressive even without a history of such behavior, especially when faced with strangers.

Most of the time, dogs do not become aggressive unless they are provoked. Nonetheless, it is important to always have the presence of mind to avoid being attacked.

The first thing to always keep on mind is that dogs are sensitive animals, and when dealing with one, it is always critical to maintain a confident yet cautious body language.

Here are some very effective ways to avoid aggressive dogs.

  • Never attempt to approach an unfamiliar animal. If the dog approaches you, remain as motionless as possible and avoid direct eye contact. Do not attempt to scream, panic, make sudden loud noises, or run.
  • Do not attempt to disturb a dog while they’re eating, taking care of their puppies, or sleeping.
  • If a dog approaches you but does not seem to poise for an attack, allow the dog to sniff and smell you before trying to pet it. After it has done so, do not try to pet the dog on the head but slowly scratch gently under the chin.
  • If you get knocked over by an aggressive dog, roll yourself into a ball, and stay motionless. Make sure to cover your ears and neck with your arms. Tuck your head between your elbows and knees and avoid making any noise.
  • As a precautionary measure, make sure to always report any stray dog or those are showing signs of strange or aggressive behavior with your local animal control authorities.
  • Also, as an added measure, avoid aggressive play with your pet dogs.

Once the situation is controlled, make sure to assess any damage and proceed to the nearest Virginia Beach animal hospital or seek immediate medical attention when you get bitten.

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