Why Every Kid Needs A Dog:

If you own a pet, I am sure it didn’t take you long to fall completely in love with it. A pet is that best friend that you come home to every night, who is waiting patiently for your arrival. No matter what you do to that dog, you will get rewarded with kisses and more kisses. The love and affection a dog shows is unlike no other and growing up as a kid, having that best friend who is loyal, friendly and lovable is a good way to teach your kids to be. I am sure you have heard the saying that ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ but that’s being biased. They are best friends to women and children too!

Now I can understand why parents are cautious with the thought of bringing a dog into the family with a newborn or even young children. Depending on where the dog is coming from and the lifestyle they had leading up to bringing it home. I only say this because some dogs can be aggressive if they were not in a good home, but with a bit of teaching- that can change. You can learn more here how amazing training pads work for your pet. It’s important to start off with training pads when your dog is at a young age. You can compare it to teaching children something when they are young. The older they get, the harder it is to train them because they get stuck in their own ways. Now it’s not impossible at anytime so if you have yet to try the training pads, I would highly recommend you do so and get your dog on the right path.

Now my number one reason I encourage you to get a dog for your child or children, is to teach them about responsibility. Now like I said before, teaching your dog at a young age is important, just like your kid. So growing up with your pet and teaching them the importance of feeding their dog everyday at the same time and taking them out to go to the washroom after they are done eating is a good way to give them a bit of responsibility. Also, cleaning up after their dog and taking it for walks is a good way to teach your children how to care for an animal.

Dogs are great animals that help teach kids how to socialize. Why wouldn’t they be? They don’t judge a person by what they have, all they care about is being loved and the odd treat or two. Another amazing thing about owning a dog is they actually help encourage exercise- therefore reducing health issues. It has been said that owning a dog could help decrease the risk in heart disease. Why, because those who own a dog usually spend more time outside running and walking around.

As long as you teach your children the importance of being kind to their animals and letting them know when and how to feed their animals and let them go to the washroom- buying your kid a dog will be one of the best decision of your life!

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